Business ideas
07 May 2011

Things I would use myself

  • BookingHub, generel service where people can book them self up on things, and pay for it. Like the SMC gocart courses.
  • CottageHub, booking service for small cottages like
  • SimpleWeb, SimpleLDAP, SimpleSSL, SimpleVPS, SimpleStorage. A simple web "service" for popular LINUX services.
  • SweSlice, a small scale VPS service.
    • 14120:- 1 x HP PROLIANT DL180 G6 XE L5520 2.26-8MB 4GB/160GB SATA
    • 12900:- 12 x HP 4GB UDIMM DDR3 1333 ECC MEMORY
    • 2800:- 4 x Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 64MB 2TB
    • 800:- COLO
    • 30620:- TOTAL
    • 850:- a month in 36 months.
    • 850/8 = 106:-/month = 1 core, 6GB RAM, 500GB Raid10 HD
    • 850/16 = 53:-/month = 0.5 core, 3GB RAM, 250GB Raid10 HD
  • Webpage for renting summer house/apartments/cottages on weekly basis.
  • Similar idé that but another branch. For example the traveling business, everybody could set up their own Internet travel agency. Design their own travels with flight and hotel, then my company will handle that actual delivery of payment, tickets and vouchers.
  • Movie rental system. Rent movies with the same model that video stores uses.

    Example of movie rental systems.

    Sell the system to video stores and share the revenue, maybe like

  • Email database/system with only "verified emails”. To remove all spam. Everybody in the system can email to each other and to people outside the system. But if someone not using the system emails someone within the system, they will get an email back telling them that they need to register in the "verified email database”. When receiving email, verified emails will end up in the Inbox, all other in a "spam-not-verified-folder”. To register in the system the user must prove that they are who they say they are, by phone (like on freessl), bankid, knowing someone in the system or other secure way. If someone is not behaving they will be baned. Possible to tag messages as newsletters if it's a mass post, and they will end up in a separate folder.
  • Build a taskmanagement/knowledgebase system.
  • Build a house building site, with the focus on "tudor” style. It will contain webshop with furnitures and building materials. Selling "house-jewelry” like gargoyles, faces on walls, animals holding balcony on their shoulders, animallamps etc.
  • USB-memory with the appearance like a ZIPPO-lighter. Ads together with the zippo-flipper webpage.
  • Community and trix page around the NFN webbpage.
  • Mobilephone/iphone/PSP/computer games.
  • Applications and webpage I use, can I create a new one that is better? Internet phone/Messenger/Webmail/Emailprogram/FTP-program/P2P program/Bittorrent-downloader/Programmering editor/Projecthandling system/Advertisement page(ebay/blocket)

Things I probably wouldn't use myself

  • Find a page with many hits, to see what other people are interested in. Possible to create a new businesses around that?
  • Developers and Job Opportunities
  • Computer Grid Network Users can attach their own computer to the network, the computer will be dedicated to the GRID network when they are not using the computer. They will later be paid for the time the computer have been used. The customers pays for each hour and computer they are using. Maybe X kronor / cpu-points and time. Maybe the user selling computer power can set their own price, and buyers can set a price they like to buy for.
  • Consult AB
    Consult project 500 kr/hour * 20 hours/week * 50 weeks/year = 500 000 kronor
    Salary 23 000 * 1.36 * 12 = 375360:-
    Office 5000 * 12 = 60 000
    Accounting 10 000+3000*12=46000
    Other 18640
    Total: 500 000