A Coding History
03 Mar 2011

Here is some of the software/projects I have created since I learned software development.

111106 - Startup script for Glasfish 3.1 in python (gist src)

A python script used in linux (/etc/init.d/glassfish) to start the glassfish java application server. The unique thing with this script is that it checks for a started mysql server. The script is used by (syco)

111010 - Startup script for Glasfish 3.1 in bash (gist src)

A bash script used in linux (/etc/init.d/glassfish) to start the glassfish java application server. The unique thing with this script is that it checks for a started mysql server. The script is used by (syco)

110910 - Open Archive Network (github src)

A prototype of a distributed filesystem/database written in python.

110910 - download-github.py (github src)

Downloads (clone/pull) all repos for a github user, including all organizations (s)he is involved in. Uses the github api. I use this script to backup all my github repos.

110829 - "homenet" (github src)

At the moment only html code, for a accommodation rental system. I'm planning to start a web-page where people can find accommodations to rent for their hollidays, such as cabbins, apartments, bed&breakfast etc.

110226 - arlukin.cybercow.se (github src)

My own blog/article website rebuild in jekyll and hosted on github. On this page I publish Swedish & English articles related to projects I'm involved in. Instead of writing notes and text and store them privately on my computer, I share them on this webpage.

110225 - Random shell scripts (github src)

This repo holds files that I usually have in my /home/arlukin folder. It can be config files, scripts etc.

110212 - System Console (syco) (github src)

A bunch of sysadmin functions used at Fareoffice. The goal with this project is to have a script that can be executed once and then remotley install all servers.

100606 - Bluetooth spam (github src)

Linux shell script that tries to send a file to all bluetooth devices around.

100416 - Amivono shop (github src)

This is a C++ based webshop I started (never finished) to write on, when experimenting with c++ Web Toolkit and doing webapplications in C++. I was thinking about to use it to sell Z-Wave devices for home automation.

091207 - gberga.cybercow.se

A website full with stories about the people grown up in Berga, written by Johnny. I did the coding, this is the third version of the site.

090417 - photo.cybercow.se (github src)

My private photo album stored on the Internet. Some functionality written in php, and a "stolen" flash application.

090412 - awxire.cybercow.se (github src)

Small webpage with contact info for my company Awxire AB.

090331 - sveaborg.cybercow.se

My family has a summer house in Mörlunda - Sweden. It was built by my grandmothers father 1910, and has been in the family since then. It's available for rent on weekly basis. And this is the info about the renting conditions.

051023 - nfn.cybercow.se (github src)

An online Nunchaku instruction database, that was never completed.

051022 - ngaufu.cybercow.se (github src)

The home of the Ngau Fu demo team.

051021 - jeFace (github src)

This a small java midlet "Tamagochi" app, that I did to test to write applications for my cellphone. The application shows a picture of nebol, and then the user can click a couple of buttons to feed him etc.

040118 - Total Firepower (github src)

When I was in seven or eigth grade we playes the classic game Firepower), since then I have liked tank games. Then during late 1997 Cavedog entertainment released the best RTA game ever, Total Annihilation. A couple of years after that I started to think about writing a new version of the old Firepower game, based on the community units for TA. This is the result, nothing much. I just made it possible to load a map from TA and to scroll over it. (But I'm still thinking about doing this, maybe for the new popular ios or android platforms.)

000111 - CyberCow Virtual Office 2000 (spec) (release) (ccLib doc)

This is an application used to work with virtual projects. The project information are stored centrally on a server, and people around the world can then fast and easy reach their project information over internet. I was planning to build a business around this software, but instead I got caught by Fareoffice This is my largets c++ application so far (2011).

980426 - ccNoteIt (download)

A note taking program written in Visual Basic . My first and last vb app.

971211 - ErocDarh (download) (download src)

This is a simple English/Swedish language training program. I did write it to learn more about ODBC/Database applications in MVC++.

971211 - The Other Side 1.04.100 (download) (download src) (read more)

This a game developer editor for 2D games.

971022 - KillAPP (download)

This program was made to fool Nebol when he where using the Explorer in win95. But instead Gandalf and Dennis were tricked with it. The only thing the program do, is that it views a .bmp on the screen and you can't quit it. The .bmp should be an Gfx Rip of explorer or some other program. Then change the short cut to that program and when the user wants to run the program it seems like it crashes all the time. Funny isn't..

970406 - Text Screen Saver (download)

This is my first win32 program. It's a screen saver that shows a text message on the screen, you can change the message. Written with MVC++ 4.2.

950919 - AsmLink (download)

This is a source code template I used when I linked asm with C++ .

941202 - Mandel (download)

This is the source code for a mandelbrot fractal demo. It uses the CO-processor, written in asm.

940828 - Old CD 1.0 (download)

OCDE.EXE The English version. OCDS.EXE The Swedish version.

This program is a modified version of cd (change dir). Which can go back to last directory and store/load path bookmarks. Much like the pushd, popd in linux.

940709 - RawView 0.01 (download)

This program is written in Turbo Pascal. It displays an raw bitmap picture with or without palette.

940709 - PcxToRaw (download)

This program is written in Turbo Pascal. It converts pcx pictures to raw bitmaps.

940213 - EchoChar (download)

My my first program in Assembler.

931221 - Nibbles The Best. (download)

This is a Nibble game written by me and my friend [email protected] It was written at school time a long time ago. It worked fine on the 386 computers, but it will run to fast on modern computers.

931111 - TextSave (download)

With this program you can cut out one row from one file and paste it into another file. It can be very useful when choosing files to download from a BBS file list.

931020 - Sinus View 1.1 (download)

This is a sinus manipulating demo.

931020 - Sinus Demo 1.1 (download)

This is a simple Demo written in TurboPascal.

9XXXXX - Negative

A photo negative database written in Amos, that I did for a my neighbor Kenneth who was an amateur photographer. This was my first useful application. I think I still have the source on a floppy somewhere.

9XXXXX - Kongoman

A simple text adventure written in basic on a Commore 128